Terms and conditions

1. Basil Simon permits you to use any of the Royalty Free music found on this site for freelance online projects including youtube, vimeo, (all online video platforms), websites, syndicated radio shows, podcasts.

2. You agree not to sell music downloaded from this site. If you require music for a commercial project contact Basil Simon directly

3. The Royalty Free music on this site is not permitted for use for TV or radio advertising. For TV or Radio advertising licensing contact Basil Simon directly

4. The Royalty Free music on this site is not permitted for use for TV or Film. For TV or Film music licensing contact Basil Simon directly

5. Basil Simon retains all intellectual rights to all music compositions on this site and related sites.

6. All music available for free download can only be used for ‘good’ projects. See Basil Simons definition of good.

7.In return for using any audio created by Basil Simon you agree to clearly display a credit for ‘Basil Simon – musical life coach’ in your online content together with a link back to Basil Simon’s web site at: https://www.royalty-free-background-music.basilsimon.com

8. In return for using audio on this site for freelance podcasts, syndicated radio broadcasts or similar, You agree to include an announcement that music was provided by Basil Simon-musical life coach.

9. Basil Simon reserves the right to request any of his audio product be removed from a project where he believes the project does not compliment the Basil Simon definition of ‘good’

10. Basil Simon will send periodic emails to subscribed emails as and when new music or content arrives on his web site.

11. This agreement creates an indefinite licence for use so long as the terms agreed here are respected fully.

12. The usage licence granted under this agreement is none transferable. You agree not to pass any Basil Simon audio products to anyone else for use in their projects. You agree to refer said requests to www.royalty-free-background-music.basilsimon.com